GEOSECMA futureproofing the local government

Market leading business support for modern documentation, operation and analysis of the digital street room and water & sewage. Helping municipalities become more efficient.

GEOSECMA for digital and sustainable urban development

We provide a modern business support system to enable an efficient planning and zoning process. Through tools, e-services and visualization of data we contribute to a more open society.

A modular software solution

Municipality origins from the Latin term “common”. And GEOSECMA is the common denominator for all municipalities that want to collaborate as efficiently as possible. GEOSECMA is a comprehensive modular software solution. GEOSECMA is connected to databases and information within a wide range of operational areas, from planning to asset management of public infrastructure such as streets, water and sewage networks, parks and green areas. Thus, the municipality can easily produce decision support with high quality, both for small and large matters.

A comprehensive support

Not only can GEOSECMA be used a comprehensive support for all parts of the municipal landscape, but the different modules can of course be used separately as well. If you choose GEOSECMA because of the need for support in a certain municipal area you get the ArcGIS-platform in addition. And if you choose GEOSECMA because of the need of a geographical platform you also receive the benefits of solutions for operational areas. The various GEOSECMA-modules supports planning, maintenance and administration for the different professions and roles that are working with e.g. the municipality´s road network, land register, traffic matters, pipe networks or parks and maps.

Work from anywhere

With GEOSECMA the user can work at any place – from the one who sits in the office using a desktop or web interface to the user who needs mobile support during field work. GEOSECMA is not divided into various products due to the interfaces such as desktop, web and tablets. GEOSECMA includes the different interfaces in one and same product, independent of GEOSECMA being used as support in a specific area or if GEOSECMA is utilized as a comprehensive municipal information system.

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